What Makes Coins Valuable?
Have you ever wondered what makes coins valuable? We can tell you right now: the answer isn’t always cut and dry. Many contributing factors go into a coin’s value. Just because you saw a coin online that “looks like” yours...
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How Do I Know If My Coin Is Valuable?
Whether you’ve just started collecting coins or have been a collector for many years, we all hope that on the hunt there will be one or more that you can sell for big bucks! Or if you’ve been lucky enough...
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The 6 Most Expensive Coins in the World
1933 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle: $7.6 Million Sold privately in 2002 for almost $7.6 million, this coin is remarkable because, when first struck, it wasn’t rare at all. In fact, over 400,000 pieces were struck, but most were melted down...
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